Work: Interests

For a more bulleted listing, please see my resume. My general work skills stem from using both technical and business skills together. I have also Business Process Optimization skills due to an analytical mind which is quite useful to approach different problems by looking at multiple angles. Through my sales experience, I have also learned to communicate and listen to people. My startup experiences have also allowed me to indulge in my desire to constantly improve things, whether it's a better process, new features, collateral creation, etc. to help the company scale. My creative side helps generate unique solutions to problems as well.

I enjoy looking at organizations and figuring out how to make them run more efficiently and effectively. This is a large reason that I enjoy startups, especially ones with disruptive new technologies. I also enjoy companies that I can leverage my creativity and also see the impact of my work. As most people desire, I definitely appreciate working with an all-star team of professionals.