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Clarence Kam

New York, NY


A self-starter adept at learning new technologies with experience growing various technology start-ups. Key skills:

  • Business Process Optimization
  • Value Selling Methodology
  • Internet & Web Site Technologies
  • Client Services
  • Product Management
  • Customer Needs Assessment


CDNETWORKS (Acquired Panther Express), New York, NY

A world-class content delivery network (CDN) provider and leader in the Asian CDN market


Director, Product Management

Managed portal products working withan international customer-base

  • After integrating the Sales Engineering teams, promoted to a Product Management role responsible for portal products in a newly structured Product Management organization
  • Led project to ensure that all new customers are implemented in the combined customer portal
  • Worked with an international team with offices in Korea, Japan, China, Europe, and US to gather requirements for a new Operations Portal


A world-class content delivery network (CDN) provider delivering the best service at the lowest cost


Director of Client Services

Managed sales engineering and product management responsibilities to increase sales and guide product development

Business Operations and Product Management

  • Developed industry's fastest implementation process improving scalability of resources via automation and customer satisfaction by identifying a need, proactively pitching project to senior management, and spearheading project
  • Guided product development by gathering and prioritizing critical features for the Engineering team

Sales and Customer Support

  • Created all customer facing technical Product Guides describing service usage, features, and implementation steps
  • Created a quicker sales cycle by creating a process which eliminated set up errors
  • Equipped sales team to sell effectively by building out the sales intranet to help educate new and existing sales staff
  • Hired, managed, and trained the Sales Engineering team

WEBSIDESTORY, INC. (acquired Atomz Corp.), San Bruno, CA

An on-demand provider of Web site solutions including search and content management


Senior Sales Engineer

Improved effectiveness and scalability of the Sales team while increasing revenue by closing deals

  • Identified the need and proactively created a sales intranet, training guides, and product documents to provide training, sales tools, and reports to help scale the organization and guide product development
  • Supported the entire Western and Central US sales staff as the only Sales Engineer in the Search and Content Solutions Division for the territory
  • Mentored new sales staff to improve sales skills

NETLI, INC., Palo Alto, CA

An application delivery network service provider aiding companies with web application performance


Senior Sales Engineer (2003-2005)

Promoted after closing major accounts and taking on additional responsibilities

  • Managed the Performance Analyst Team and built a process to increase productivity without additional headcount
  • Improved customer satisfaction by managing a project for a new feature by gathering customer requirements, and then working with a 3rd party vendor and Netli Engineering to deliver a solution
  • Helped guide product future by leading a cross-functional meeting to discuss potential new services

Sales Engineer (2002-2003)

Hired as first Sales Engineer to transition service from beta to production by closing major customer deals

  • Increased revenue by driving customers such as Boeing, Kimberly Clark, and Hewlett-Packard from initial contact through implementation
  • Shortened sales cycle by identifying various areas to modify, such as enhancing a document to gather technical information from customer

OPLAYO, INC., Bethesda, MD

A Finnish 2nd-generation streaming software development company. (US operations shut down 3/02)


Sales Engineer

Aided in starting the US headquarters by helping hire a team, conducting software demos and trainings to close flagship customer GM, performing a competitive analysis, and writing white papers


A leading content delivery service provider that aids companies in optimizing web site performance


Product Manager (2000-2001)

Managed requirements definition for enhancements to the EdgeSuite service bundle

  • Headed beta program for ESI (Edge Side Includes): identified prospects, rolled out beta service, tracked performance, and gathered customer feedback and requirements to improve product
  • Interfaced with systems engineering, service delivery and sales to understand a customer provisioning tool; communicated technical and business requirements to engineering to improve the tool

Sales Engineer (1999-2000)

Closed highly competitive customer deals by presenting technology and business benefits. Coordinated resources including integration and engineering to satisfy customer requirements and questions

  • Closed deals with major companies such as Fidelity, Barnes & Noble, Lands' End, Amway, and WebMD, significantly contributing to the exponential revenue growth from $4M to $90M
  • Created and implemented procedures and templates to help sales engineers learn new services offerings and create customer collateral
  • Headed multiple product and service training sessions to both employees as well as partners. Also trained and mentored new sales engineers


A leading content delivery service provider that aids companies in optimizing web site performance


Research Associate

Performed market research and assessed the competitive environment via phone interviews and secondary sources for clients in the digital imaging, Internet, and scientific instrumentation fields

Independent Consulting


A provider of network integrity systems to prevent companies from security threats such as DDoS attacks



Completed project to provide a market and competitive overview of the Intrusion Detection System space



Master of Engineering, Operations Research & Industrial Engineering

Bachelor of Science, cum laude, Operations Research & Industrial Engineering





CORNELL UNIVERSITY, Teaching assistant, Electronic Commerce Course



PRAGMATIC MARKETING, Practical Product Management Seminar